Within the next two or three weeks, I will be making some big changes in my life.

I am excited and extremely nervous, but I have a goal and I am willing to do anything to get there.
So, here’s the big change:
I’m dropping my current college courses and attending a school for cosmetology. It’s about a year long course that will certify you in many areas and even help with job placement once you ‘graduate’. 
My life long dream has been to do hair, makeup and styling for theaters, film, models, cosplaying, etc. and I’m tired of pushing it aside because it’s “not reliable” or “logical”. 
Who cares? I don’t want the big bucks and to live in a fancy house. I want to just live, make new friends, do some awesome work, and progress in my own happiness, even if that means a small apartment and working my ass off all week to get by. That’s okay.
I have been so incredibly unhappy lately trying to conform to what my family’s standards have been…and honestly I lost myself. I didn’t even know what made me happy anymore, and I didn’t have any goals. 
It wasn’t until the weekend of San Japan did I realize just how unhappy I really was. I met this awesome duo comprised of a beautiful woman named Lorelei, and a handsome man named Joe (who I have the biggest crush on, but he’s completely out of my league and is indifferent to me). They sparked a lot of feelings in me that I had forgotten. I saw their passion for what they created and it truly inspired me. I questioned myself as to why I didn’t stick with my dream and progress all this time. I simply gave up, didn’t give a shit, tried to make my family and everyone else happy and completely ditched my own dreams. That’s not okay at all. No one should ever do that!
So, I decided that if this was going to change, then I shouldn’t wait any longer. I needed to act now. If my goal is to live in or around Austin by next summer, finding a job doing something I enjoy, then I need to start NOW. (Hell, I should have started years ago, but that’s in the past and I cannot go back)

So I am doing this. I’m going to do something that will give me confidence, skills, and hopefully a better understanding of where I want to be and how to get there.
My family has been supportive of this, and I haven’t told my friends yet (but that will happen tonight, actually, unless they read this first).

Sorry this post is forever long, but if you read through all this, congrats and thank you. Thank you for caring enough about my silly life to actually read this goddamn wall of text. You’re awesome.

If you’re Lorelei or Joe, hope you don’t mind me namedropping you like this, but I sincerely want to thank you for being so incredible to me. I know we aren’t great friends yet, but I really value the friendship we do have right now, and I can only hope that we grow closer in time! I look up to you both so much and being able to spend time with each of you over the SJ weekend was a blessing.

Well, ok this post is really long now, so here’s the end. 
I hope more people understand that there is only one life to live as far as we know, and if you spend it unhappy, then you’re not living it right.
Do something bold. Follow a dream. Meet someone new. Fall in love.
Whatever you do, BE YOU.