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How’s about we just don’t talk about Eric and Dylan, how about that? There are other things to discuss like the fact that Easter is a pagan holiday to celebrate sex (before the Christians got ahold of it anyway) and also Hitler’s birthday.

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Sorry for so many rant posts tonight, but I seriously think I’m going to make a change.
I’m not going to smoke pot anymore, smoke cigarettes, I’ve already cut my drinking down a lot so stopping my alcohol intake wouldn’t be so bad, and just being alone for awhile would be nice.
I think that’s what I’m going to do.
Just cut those things out of my life and try to ignore it and just spend some quality alone time. At school, at home, wherever.
I need to read more, stress less, and forget the negativity. It’s only killing me.

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I almost just want to delete my own life and start over somewhere completely different and completely unknown with people I really don’t know and I can just hide away unnoticed.
I’m just so done.
I really just want to lose everyone and start over again.
Or just be alone for a very, very long time.

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I wish I could permanently delete people from my life, including mutual friends and stuff. 

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